An Interview-Questionnaire on Reproductive Morbidity: The Experience of the Giza Morbidity Study, The Policy Series No. 4, the Population Council, 1997.

This paper is concerned with the measurement aspect of gynecological health at the community level. It addresses the two issues of conceptualization and measurement in developing the survey questionnaire for the Giza Study. The paper puts forth a framework for conceptualizing reproductive morbidity focusing on gynecological conditions. It then presents and discusses the process of development of the questionnaire instrument for measuring women’s reports of symptoms of gynecological and related morbidity, as well as the characteristics and determinants of morbidity conditions. Finally, the usefulness of the questionnaire instrument for providing information on the problem of reproductive morbidity in relation to gynecological health is discussed in the last section of the paper.
Author(s): Francoise Ghorayeb , Hind Khattab , Huda Zurayk , Olfia Ibrahim Kamal  
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