All Alone! The Stories of Egyptian Women Living with HIV, Stigma and Isolation the Egyptian Society for Population Studies and Reproductive Health, Cairo, Egypt, 2007

This book depicts examples of the suffering of a segment of the population living with HIV - in isolation still - due to the stigma associated with it. It acknowledges the strength and courage of twelve studied Egyptian women living with HIV and their struggle to secure a decent life for their children, in spite of the realities of their condition. Their sharing of detailed information on their personal experience with HIV, the impact it had on their daily life and social environment and of their intimate feelings, hopes and fears, may help pave the way towards the gradual elimination of the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS in Egypt and in the region at large. They deserve respect, support and assistance and the recognition of their right to lead a normal life like everyone else.
Author(s): Hind Khattab , Mervat El Guneidy , Nadine Karraze Shorbagi , Naglaa El Nahal  
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