Egypt: Developing Country Studies: Policies, Programs, and Financing since the International Conference on Population and Development, in Promoting Reproductive Health: Investing in Health for Development edited by Shepard Forman and Romita Ghosh; Center on International Cooperation, 2000.

The International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) held in Cairo, Egypt, in September 1994 offered a new international understanding of population policies and programs. Rather than focus exclusively on population growth and family planning (FP) and their social and economic impact on national development, the new ICPD paradigm emphasized the reproductive health and well-being of individual women and men, and viewed that as a prerequisite for sustainable development. The ideological shift that resulted from the Cairo conference replaces the traditional approach, based on the assumption that limiting fertility through family planning programs produces slower population growth and that lower birthrates, in turn, have a positive impact on national development with a new, more comprehensive paradigm.
Author(s): Hind Khattab , Lamia El-Fattal , Nadine Karraze Shorbagi  
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