Health Education as a Component of Health Promotion: An Intervention Project following on from the Giza Morbidity Study, the Egyptian Society for Population Studies and Reproductive Health, 1999. (in English and Arabic)

This paper describes the development, implementation and evaluation of the health education component of a reproductive Health Intervention Study undertaken in three rural communities in the Giza governorate of Egypt. Its main objectives were to inform and empower women to enable them to improve their reproductive health. It was a part of a more comprehensive reproductive health intervention project which is outlined here. A historical review of relevant concepts and a summary of the Giza Morbidity Study results on which the intervention project was based, put the study in context. The paper presents a detailed account of the various phases of the health education program. It also offers a preliminary evaluation of the impact of health education on community women and an assessment of the feasibility and sustainability of the health education training program.
Author(s): Hind Khattab , Mervat El Guneidy , Nadine Karraze Shorbagi  
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