Routine Care of Normal Deliveries as applied in Syrian Maternity Wards, Journal of the Arab Board of Medical Specializations; 6:134-140, 2004.

Objective: Routine practices during normal childbirth have not been studied in Syria. This study aimed to describe the routines of normal childbirth as practiced in maternity wards in Syrian hospitals; and to assess whether those routines accord with the best evidence-based practices. Methods: A nationally representative sample of 57 hospitals was visited: 33 were governmental hospitals and 24 were private hospitals. The staffs in charge were interviewed using a specially designed questionnaire that covered both managerial and technical points. Results: Only 2 out of 57 hospitals had a written policy concerning childbirth, though 29 had a written breast-feeding policy. All except two hospitals reported the capacity to do a cesarean section any time. Results on hospital routines are presented in the light of the available best-evidence guidelines. Conclusion: This study highlighted the urgent necessity to formulate a national policy for care in normal birth. The policy needs to be designed bearing in mind the best evidence available so far, and of course the nature of the national setting.
Author(s): Asma Abdul Salam , Hyam Bashour , S. Cheikha , et al.  
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