Women, Reproduction and Health in Rural Egypt (The Giza Study), The American University in Cairo Press, 1999.

The research body on which this volume is based has been internationally recognized as a pioneering example of interdisciplinary collaboration. Utilizing innovative field methods that combine the best of clinical medicine, epidemiology, and anthropology, the study examines the reproductive health of women living in an economically deprived rural area in Egypt's Giza governorate. The research, here gathered into one volume, reveals not only the actual status of women's reproductive health but also their perceptions about their health. It shows furthermore that these perceptions, in the context of widespread poverty and prevailing cultural customs, govern reproductive health and the utilization of health services more than any other single factor. It is hoped that the study's findings and methodology may be usefully applied with appropriate modifications by policy makers and health service providers in many parts of the world.
Author(s): Hind Khattab , Huda Zurayk , Nabil Younis  
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