Dietary habits survey of in-school adolescents in Damascus, Syria, Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal; 10: 853-62, 2004

This study aimed to describe dietary habits of Syrian adolescents attending secondary schools in Damascus and the surrounding areas. A descriptive, cross-sectional study was carried out on 3507 students in 2001. A stratified, 2-stage random cluster sample was used to sample the students. The consumption pattern of food items during the previous week was described. More than 50% of the students said that they had not consumed green vegetables and more than 35% had not consumed meat. More than 35% said that they consumed cheese and milk at least once a day. Only 11.8% consumed fruit 3 times or more daily. Potential determinants of the pattern of food consumption were analyzed. Weight control practices and other eating habits were also described.
Author(s): Hyam Bashour  
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