The patterns and determinants of maternity care in Damascus, Syria, Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal (in Press).

This study was designed to describe the patterns and determinants of maternity care among Syrian women living in Damascus. All 39 birth registers in two large provinces in Syria, namely Damascus and Rural Damascus, were used to recruit 500 mothers of healthy newborns for this descriptive study. Mothers were interviewed in their homes using a semi- structured questionnaire. The determinants of four dependent variables (place of delivery; birth attendant; number of antenatal visits; timing of first antenatal care) were modeled using multivariate analysis. The results suggested that improving maternal education should have an impact on the use of maternal care services. The use of antenatal care services needs to be encouraged, and an evidence-based antenatal package should be given to all pregnant women.
Author(s): Hyam Bashour , Asma Abdul Salam , W. Al-Faisal , S. Cheikha  
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