Integrating a Reproductive Health Framework within Primary Care Services: The Experience of the RH Intervention Study, Policy Series in Reproductive Health, No. 6, the Population Council, 2000.

This paper describes the experience of the Reproductive Health Intervention Study. The study involved the design and testing of a model of essential reproductive health services. It identified a framework of basic service components that address reproductive health, and showed that their delivery is possible at the primary level. The aim of this paper is to give an overview of this experience, which illustrates how the reproductive health approach can be translated into actual service delivery at the primary care level, in a developing country setting. The paper outlines the framework which was developed and tested by the team in three rural primary care clinics in Giza, Egypt and which is a concrete example of "Implementing Cairo" on the ground. The paper presents the main achievements as well as challenges and discusses the most salient policy implications.
Author(s): Karima Khalil , Assem Anwar Mousa , Olfia Ibrahim Kamal , Miral Breebaart , Nabil Younis , Dina Galal , Nadine Karraze Shorbagi , Hind Khattab , Huda Zurayk  
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