Beyond Reproductive Health: Listening To Women About Their Health In Disadvantaged Beirut Neighborhoods, Health Care for Women International. 28, 2007.

This article aims to contextualize gynecological problems within a broader health and social context, expanding the lens beyond reproductive health. Questionnaires were administered to 1,869 ever-married women aged 15 to 59 that included questions on living, general health, and gynecological problems. These questions were open-ended, allowing women to respond in their own words. Women reported a multitude of health problems, indicating competing priorities. Musculoskeletal complaints emerged as the most prevalent and most important health problem. One in four women reported a gynecological problem, mainly reproductive tract infections (RTIs), when asked directly. Selected quotes provide clues about the complex relationship between women's lives and health.
Author(s): Huda Zurayk , Cynthia Myntti , MT. Salem , Afamia Kaddour , Faysal El Kak , Samer Jabbour  
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