The limitations on choice: Palestinian women’s childbirth location, dissatisfaction with the place of birth and determinants, European Journal of Public Health; 17(1):86-91, 2007

Objective: to determine where Palestinian mothers deliver, satisfaction with childbirth location and its determinants. Methods: utilizing DHS2004 data, 2158 women were included in this study. Regression analysis established the association between dissatisfaction with the place of birth and selected determinants. Results: 3.5% of women delivered at home, with the rest in assisted facilities. Women who delivered at home, in governmental facilities, in regions other than the central West Bank, who had sudden delivery or did not reach their preferred childbirth location because of closures and siege, because of costs/the availability of insurance, or because there were no other locations available, were more likely to be dissatisfied compared to those who birthed in private facilities, the central West Bank, and in locations with better and more available services. Conclusion: results demonstrate that childbirth location choices are constrained by availability, affordability, and limited access to services induced by continuing closures and siege.
Author(s): Rita Giacaman , Niveen M. E. Abu-Rmeileh , Laura Wick  
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