Concepts and Measures of Reproductive Morbidity, in Health Transition Review 3,1:17-40, 1993.

This paper presents a conceptual and methodological framework developed by an interdisciplinary group of researchers to diagnose reproductive morbidity at the community level. The paper also presents a determinant structure that delineates the health and social factors hypothesized to influence reproductive morbidity. The high prevalence of reproductive morbidity conditions revealed by implementation of the study framework in two villages of Giza in Egypt is reported. Based on this research experience and process of presenting its results to the larger professional community, the paper discusses policy implications of the study in terms of reproductive health services, education and training programs and research efforts for measurements of reproductive ill- health in a community setting.
Author(s): Hind Khattab , Huda Zurayk , Mawaheb El Mouelhy , Mohamed Fadle , Nabil Younis  
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