Assessment of the Managerial Functions in Primary Health Care, in the Journal of Health Administration Education 11,4:609-616, 1993.

This study demonstrates that effective management of primary health care services is badly needed to get the optimum results from the little resources available. The Ministry of Health can upgrade the existing management of primary health care services by setting standards and procedures for employment of managers, provision of training in management for existing managers, and adoption of better management information systems, to mention a few options that can be achieved by administrative commitment rather than major budgetary allocation. This conceptual framework perceives management as one component of quality prenatal care. Management is considered to be an essential component of the quality of care because, by definition, management is the orchestration of the overall activities of the PHC where the available human, physical and financial resources are used to produce a given planned output, in addition to the exertion of quality control.
Author(s): Raeda Al Qutob , Salah Mawajdeh  
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