Women's Understanding of Pregnancy-Related Morbidity in Rural Egypt, Reproductive Health Matters, Pp 4:27-34, 1994.

This paper examines the problems experienced by Egyptian women during their most recent pregnancy, delivery and post-partum period, based on their own reports. It finds an often low level of awareness among them of the causes and seriousness of maternal health problems, which influence their health- seeking behavior. Many women did not identify certain symptoms with pregnancy but instead with ‘normality,’ making the symptoms less serious in their eyes, even signs of potentially serious conditions. This helps to explain why women do not always seek appropriate help for obstetric morbidity and indicates a need for appropriate health education and services.
Author(s): Hind Khattab , Huda Zurayk , Mahinaz El Helw , Mawaheb El Mouelhy , Nabil Younis  
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