The Assessment of Quality of Care in Prenatal Services in Irbid, North Jordan: Women's Perspectives, in Janet Hatcher and Carol Vlassoff (eds.) The Female Client and the Health-Care Provider. Ottawa: International Development Research Center. Pp. 1-18, 1996.

This paper focuses on an assessment by 289 pregnant women receiving prenatal care from MCH centers in Irbid, Jordan, of the quality of available reproductive health services. Women’s perceptions of service quality, as well as their level of satisfaction with the care received, were validated with independent observations of the service delivery process. The results of the study showed that, in general, women were dissatisfied with the patient-provider relationship and with the extent of information exchange between themselves and their care providers. On the other hand, the women were modestly satisfied with the technical competence of providers, and were highly satisfied with the management of the health care facilities. This study highlights the relevance and value of women’s reports as credible data sources for quality of care assessment. Health care systems which are to provide services that transcend the traditional emphasis on technical competence of providers as the sole measure of quality of care ought to be attentive to women’s inputs into the health care delivery process.
Author(s): Firas Raad , Raeda Al Qutob , Salah Mawajdeh  
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