Women’s Perception of Sexuality in Rural Giza, Monographs in Reproductive Health No. 1, the Population Council, Cairo, 1996.

This paper challenges some commonly held assumptions about women’s sexuality in rural Egypt such as the notion that rural women are not vocal regarding their sexuality, and that Egyptian tradition disapproves of discussing sexuality. Because of these misconceptions, the author sought to investigate and analyze the cultural dynamics which help shape women’s sexual beliefs and practices, as well as related health concerns, specifically women’s awareness of the relationship between sexual practices and related reproductive tract infections. The findings of this study indicated that rural traditions do not make the subject of sexuality taboo since the attitude of Islam towards sexuality is related and protective of women. Rural women do have sexually related problems that affect their health and that of their family. The author calls for further research on sexuality in order to enhance the physical, mental and sexual well-being of the family. In particular, women need to be informed of the religious rights that protect them in matters of reproductive and sexual health within the institution of marriage.
Author(s): Hind Khattab  
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