Women’s Health Problems in the Arab World: A Holistic Perspective, International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, 58:13–21, 1997.

This paper reviews key health problems of women in the Arab world. It relies on data and information from international yearbooks, regional databases and small-scale field studies. The relevant context in which women live of lingering illiteracy rates, lack of access to cash income, and increasing poverty is described. Reproductive health is reviewed within this context pointing to trends of delayed marriage and declining fertility in some countries while other countries maintain high levels. Similar variability is observed in contraceptive use rates, and the interaction of contraception and health is discussed. Evidence points to high levels of reproductive morbidity. The socio-cultural context is found particularly relevant to pregnancy and childbirth, (which are seen as natural processes by women), to experience of menopause, and to violence against women, particularly female circumcision. A holistic perspective is suggested to address these problems.
Author(s): Hania Sholkamy , Hind Khattab , Huda Zurayk , Nabil Younis  
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