The Health of Young People: Challenges and Opportunities in Jabbour, S., Giacaman, R., Khawaja, M. and Nuwayhid, I. (Eds). P. 236. Public Health in the Arab World. Cambridge University Press, March 2012.


The Arab world is a distinct geographic and cultural entity, with a complex demographic. Public Health in the Arab World reviews and dissects the public health concerns specific to this region. This volume will interest not only researchers, practitioners and students in the Arab world, but also the wider constituency of international public health specialists and social scholars interested in this region. With contributions from a multidisciplinary group of leading regional and international experts, this volume addresses a comprehensive range of contemporary topics, including the social and political determinants of health, and health issues in different population groups. Synthesizing a large body of knowledge in an accessible manner, the authors critique and adapt public health concepts, frameworks and paradigms to the context of the Arab world, engaging readers in current debates. This is a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in global public health and in Arab world studies.
Author(s): Amr A. Awad , Jocelyn De Jong , Krishna Bose , Manal Benkirane , Tanya Salem  
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