» RHWG 2016 Annual Meeting Call for Abstracts
2016-02-29 20:02:48
RHWG 2016 Annual Meeting Call for Abstract was sent to all Network Members on February 21, 2016 with a strict Deadline on March 21, 2016.  
Based on the last Annual Meeting’s participant recommendations for possible themes for this year’s meeting, and taking into consideration recommendations made by the Consultative Committee which met early February in Beirut, RHWG proposed the following possible themes for potential panels:
 - War, violence, women and health
- Young lives
- Ageing
- Birth technologies, practices and policies
- Women and chronic illness
-  Critique of existing data in the region (frameworks and processes)

These were only suggestions, members were encouraged to submit abstracts on suggested topics which might not seem to fit the thematic agenda but is relevant to reproductive health in the region
In order to help the agenda team planning the meeting to assess the relevance and quality of proposed presentations, members were requested to send abstracts of about 200 words (and a maximum of 250).  Abstracts should provide an adequate idea of what is being proposed as a presentation, including in general, statement of the issues to be discussed, their implications/significance and any methods used or that will be used and the main findings (if completed research). 

A special form was designed to facilitate the abstract submission process with a deadline on
 March 21, 2016. 

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