About RHWG

The Reproductive Health Working Group (RHWG) is a regional network of scholars based in several Arab countries and Turkey. Members belong to different disciplines and fields of inquiry, including the medical profession as well as the disciplines of public health, sociology, anthropology, population, and demography. They share an interest in the exchange of ideas and the production of high quality research that focuses on reproductive health and other research themes relevant to the region, which are culturally sensitive, and inform policy formulation in the region.

Established in 1988,
the RHWG employs medical, public health and social science concepts and methods in order to increase understanding of women’s health in its broader socio-economic and cultural context. The network strives to develop interdisciplinary conceptual and methodological research frameworks to investigate reproductive health issues that are relevant to the region and of international significance as well. Research is either done by individual members or interdisciplinary teams.

The RHWG disseminates its work to various target audiences, including researchers, students, policy makers, program managers, health advocates and women’s government and non-government organizations. Various forms of dissemination are utilized, including the publication of monographs, productions of international scientific referred journals, attending international and regional conferences, as well as holding special periodic dissemination meetings with concerned groups in the region. In addition, by developing research-oriented training materials and participating in training workshops organized by the network and other institutions, the RHWG fosters capacity building in various areas relevant to reproductive health research. Members share various research interests that may come up or fade away according to the research priorities and RHWG research agenda.

The RHWG has well-established links with other research networks and academic institutions in the developed and developing worlds alike. The coordination of RHWG was initially housed in the Population Council West Asia and North Africa regional office located in Cairo since its establishment and up to end of 2004. It is now housed at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at the American University of Beirut. Please refer to RHWG Information Sheet.

RHWG received a grant in June 2012 from IDRC for five years entitled "Shaping Research for Health in the Arab World: A Systems and Network Approach to Advance Knowledge, Inform Policy, and Promote Public Health". RHWG Members are continuously raising funds for their research activities in different Arab countries and Turkey.

Please refer to the RHWG Information Sheet for more details.

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